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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) is a non destructive evaluation method that uses sensors to monitor critical structures, such as bridges and tunnels. It involves installing sensors, collecting data, and conducting diagnostics to ensure the safety, integrity, and performace of the structure

Implementing SHM techniques enables early identification of structural deficiencies, reducing the risk of sudden failures. This proactive approach minimizes the long-term costs associated with reactive repairs and replacements, including emergency repairs, property damage, and potential disruptions caused by failures

By continuously monitoring structures, SHM helps ensure the safety of buildings and critical infrastructure. It enables early identification of potential structural deficiencies, allowing necessary repairs or interventions to be carried out before they escalate into safety hazards.

SHM is crucial for maintaining the safety, reliability, and longevity of buildings and critical infrastructure. It helps identify structural deficiencies early on, allowing for timely interventions and repairs. By implementing effective SHM techniques, potential failures can be prevented, ensuring public safety and minimizing economic losses

Continuous monitoring allows for real-time data analysis, enabling prompt detection of changes or damages in structures. It provides valuable insights into the performance and health of the structure, facilitating timely interventions and necessary maintenance actions


Measurement: Shock & Torsion Range 0.006 g to 400 g Application: Vibration and twisting of supports Causes: High winds, weak linkage, earthquakes Moderate response speed 40 Hz data rate ±2g minimum range ±400g max range 0.006g min. detection Low sub-structure resolution 3 linear axis 3 rotational axis Excellent for torsional measurements

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Measurement: Sound/vibration Range 0.0004 g to >10 g Application: Detect breaks, component movement Causes: Stress movement, loose connections, water Faster response speed 115K bps data speed 0.00036g detected 20X more sensitivity 3.3g Max range (adjustable) Good sub-structure of events Multi-axis not available yet Rotation not available yet Excellent for shock detection