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The goal of ASH sensor systems is not only to provide a detection service, but to also provide an engineering solution that does not require an expansion of the structural management and maintenance staff. To accomplish this ASH will develop a team of certified structural engineers, as mentioned previously, that will review anomalies and other events, including aging related, of the structure to recommend further actions and repairs.

Furthermore, ASH will establish partnerships with reputable contractors who can swiftly address any unresolved mainatenance or repair concerns that the current structural staff may encounter. These contractor services will be backed by warranties and accompanied by documentation, which can address inquiries from users of the structure, insurance companies, and local regulatory authorities.

Beyond these direct services to a specific structure, ASH will establish a database of the performance of structures that it provides services to that can then be used to model different architectures, structural materials, and construction techniques to predict their performance in different locations and conditions as part of planning future structures. This information will be critical to planning boards, insurance companies, construction companies and the owner of the new structure.

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The internal data from SCMS is integrated with external data from network resources, including weather conditions, traffic patterns, ground tremors, water table levels, and more. This integration enables the determination of the correlation between these elements and any detected anomalits identified with the structure.

Review of the historical data of the structure to determine what associations with normal structural ageing and wear may be related to any detected anomaly.

Evaluation of this combined data with the performance of other buildings of a similar architecture.

Transmission of the event analysis to the appropriate structural managers and for selected events, forwarding of the data to an ASH organized team of structural engineers to review the data and provide recommended actions to address the issue.

6. A prediction of the necessary maintenance or repairs, including cost estimation, scheduling, and the potential consequences of delaying such actions, will be formulated, and supplied to the structural managers. More ofer, (something missing?)

Overall event analysis based on the above processes.